Now that I'm back to spamming my flist, I went ahead and deleted a bunch of journals that haven't been updated in ages/anyone that I don't really talk to. If you were deleted and want to be re-added, pls request.

If you added me and I never added you back, it's because a) I can be pretty faily about that and b) I like to keep my flist incestuous and I don't know you well or at all. But if you want to get to know one another, I'm okay with that!

Sorry for being an asshole,


From: [identity profile] deevious4.livejournal.com

Hi, I'm an asshole like you and also don't add people I don't know, so I'm cool with that. That being said, thanks for being such an awesome friend to Nasty when she needs one the most. I'd like to, but have too many responsibilites :(

You rock. Maybe one day we'll meet through her and be able to friend each other.



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